Medical Reviews

"We recommend ComfortGrips™ to all of our patients who need the benefits of a
superior ergonomic grip.

ComfortGrips can provide improved functional ability for you. Many different types of medical conditions can be managed with the help of these superior ergonomic grips including arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, neuropathy, and weakness. These grips can also help prevent injury.

When arthritis occurs in the hands to wrist the joints and periarticular structures become inflamed causing pain and decreased range of motion. This often reduces functional grip ability. ComfortGrips will enlarge the diameter of the gripping surface so greater force can be produced by less joint motion. The soft padding also decreases pressure on tender joint structures.

ComfortGrips will give weak hands a mechanical advantage for optimal function. Muscle weakness do to pain, injury or neuropathy will reduce muscle force and lessen grip strength. By allowing the hand to grasp a larger surface, less muscle contraction is needed providing increased functional strength.

Sensoratory deficit or numbness can impair hand function and grip. The increased friction provided by ComfortGrips reduces slipping of the skin on a surface.

Using ComfortGrips can play an important roll in injury prevention. A secure grip on a heavy object can stop the weight from shifting, which can cause twisting, resulting in a shoulder, knee or back injury. By absorbing vibration, microtrauma to the wrist or elbow tissue is avoided.

In the home or at work ergonomics are constantly being evaluated and modified. ComfortGrips are important when preventing situations that can cause injuries."

Alan Edmundson RPT
Physical Therapist, CA

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